Dear Students,


Selecting a teacher can be an intimidating experience especially when considering that the success of one-on-one lessons relies as much or more on the relationship between the teacher and student than the information itself. To these ends I offer to you that I have been teaching professionally for 20 years, have successfully taught students ranging from ages 4 to 65 and am as comfortable teaching absolute beginners as I am helping out fellow working professionals.


I strive to meet each student exactly where they are at in life, preferring to develop a supportive relationship that meets the individual needs of each student rather than running them through a preformed script of lessons. I want to learn what most excites and motivates each of my students so I can best tailor the lessons to maximize both learning and enjoyment.


As far as the material we will cover, the possibilities are practically endless; I am as happy teaching you how to play your favorite Punk or Metal songs as I am working on reading notation and chord charts, coaching you through writing your first song or helping you to navigate the ii-V-I’s in “Giant Steps”.


I can teach you how to convincingly play Classic Rock, Funk, Metal, Punk, Alternative, Country, Blues, Jazz and Acoustic styles.


We can also work on reading music, learn music theory, learn to “play by ear”, improvise solos in any style and delve into the depths of songwriting craft…


To discuss your situation further, I recommend giving me a call or sending an email so we can schedule your first lesson 100% free. From there we can have a relaxed chat about what you are looking to achieve with your lessons and your playing. It’ll be fun! I promise!

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Email: joegambleguitarATgmail.com

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